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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mommy and Baby March Favorites 2014

Hey everyone Today I am doing March Favorites for me and Chloe. I can't believe this month is over and April is here! Time for Spring to begin....

Chloe Favorites (1 Year Old):

This has helped me so much this month to get Chloe to sleep at night. We called her Violet and she plays lullaby songs. She is from FisherPrice.

Chloe got this for Christmas from her Great Grandma and she loves it. If you press her stomach she will say a prayer. We are not big on religion but Chloe loves it.

This is both mine and Chloe favorite this month. It's a Delta Minnie Mouse Toy Organizer that I bought from Amazon.

This is a Minnie Mouse car push walker. The handle part you have to screw in and we haven't because it's too small for her to push so she just loves to push the car around and play with it on the floor.

Chloe loves her puffs! They are whole grain and have 8 vitamins and minerals.

These two are Chloe favorite books right now. Goodnight, Owl is Chloe favorite book to read at night.

Mommy Favorites:

My favorite set up right now. Picture of my daughter at birth and Fake Lillies that I got from Dollar Tree. I love fake flowers because they don't have to be watered and they don't die.

I found these to be my go to makeup remover wipes. They are very soft and gentle. Most effective!

These two is what I been using the most of this month for March. Be Enchanted Shower Gel and Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift.

CES <3

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