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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Pharmacy Bag for College (Just in case Essentials)

You know when your in class and all of the sudden you get a headache but you don't have any medicine with you? Well I carry with me to each class a makeup bag that I call my pharmacy bag because it has essentials for when things happen. I like to carry medicine with me because I have chronic migraines and chronic bladder pain so I like to carry medicine with me just in case I start to feel pain in class. I recommend this for college students because it is so helpful when you need it. I am going to share with ya'll what medicine and essentials I carry in my pharmacy bag.

Makeup Bag:

It's Mineral Elements by Eden. My mom got it in the mail a couple of years ago and gave it to me.

My Pharmacy Essentials for Class:

So I got a Hand Sanitizer, A Roll on Perfume, and Almay Makeup Remover Q Tips.

I got samples of Advil and Ointment. I have to keep advil with me because I have chronic bladder pain and get headaches all the time.

I have a Wet Wipe and Stay Free Stay Clean Cleansing Wipe.

I have Tylenol Sinus and Advil Cold & Sinus.

I have Lotion, Dove Hairspray and Nail File.

I have Trident Gum.

I have Vaseline Lip Therapy.

A mirror.

Last a hair tie and 2 clips.

I also got a Emergen-C Supplement pack that you put in water. With this crazy weather I been getting sick lately and I heard Vitamin C helps when your sick.

CES <3

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