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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mommy Scenario Tag (2014)

Hey everyone! Today I am doing a tag that I found on YouTube that is going around. There are 8 questions that deals with parenting and it gives you different scenarios and how you would deal with it.

1. Your child is refusing to eat dinner, Do you stand your ground and demand that your child eats it or do you make them something else?

I do have this problem with Chloe sometimes.... I mostly think it's just because at the time she is just not hungry. Usually if she refuses I will wait a couple of minutes to see if she would at least take a couple of bites if not then I will try to give her something else so she can at least eat something. 

2. Your child has a meltdown at a store, nothing can calm them down.... Do you leave the store or just continue shopping?

It depends how much of a meltdown Chloe will have. I usually will bring in a drink and a snack with maybe a toy so it can keep her busy. If she does have a major meltdown then I will probably just leave and come back another day.

3. Your child gets too many toys for their birthday. Do you make some returns or save them for a rainy day?

I believe a child can never have too many toys. I would keep them because I know that it will keep her occupied when I need to get something done because Chloe can get bored easily sometimes. 

4. Your child is protesting sleep.... Do you give in at 3am and turn on a movie for them or Continue to rock them to get them back to sleep?

I still have problems with Chloe waking me up at night. Lately she has only been waking me up once and she usually will just get milk and will go back to sleep. If she doesn't then I will rock her back to sleep because when she doesn't get her sleep she is very cranky baby. If it doesn't work then I will let her watch a little TV then just try rocking her back to sleep again.

5. You have a appointment and no babysitter..... Do you take your child with you or reschedule?

I just take Chloe with me. I don't have anyone to watch her so I just take her with me to the appointments.

6. You have about 20 minutes till unexpected company comes. Do you rush to clean or say "Hey it's okay I got kids."

If the house is really messy then I will do as much as I can in 20 minutes. 

7. You are running late..... Do your hair or makeup?

Right now I am not happy with my hair at all. My baby hairs will stick up and my hair is just a mess so I think I would do my hair and just forget about makeup. I do want a hair cut soon then I will just worry about makeup instead of my hair. 

8. At the park your child gets pushed by another child Do you intervene and correct them or get their parent?

 I will go get their parent.

CES <3

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