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Monday, October 13, 2014

Getting Prepared: Potty Training Chloe

Hey everyone! So since Chloe is about to be 19 months I been introducing the idea of potty training to Chloe. I am not going to force her or anything I am just talking to her about it and reading books about potty training. I been also researching potty training just so I can gain better knowledge about it and just some advice. Chloe has been sitting on the potty with her clothes on every time I go to the bathroom just so she can get used to it so it doesn't freak her out. I also read her a potty book and she loves the book. She makes me read that book over and over to her all the time. Chloe is not yet showing signs except for taking off her diaper. She does bring me diaper and wipes when I ask for them and she will also throw away her dirty diapers. She doesn't know how to say pee or poop yet. I am just waiting for her to show me that she is ready instead of me forcing her because that is not healthy.

This is the potty that I bought for Chloe. It's by the brand called Summer. I bought it a while back it was on sale at our grocery store. Every time I go to the bathroom Chloe will sit on it with her clothes on just to get used to it. 

These are the two potty books we got so far for Chloe. She loves the Potty Book for Girls, I read it to her all the time.

I been reading this book Toliet Training by Vicki Lansky. It has some great advice in it. I did a blog post on it before if you want to check that out.

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