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Friday, May 20, 2011

Update on Health-Surgery June 1st


So Today I went to my Gyn. Doctor Appointment to see about Surgery to see if I exactly have Endo or not. Which If you read like my 2nd post that I did when I first started this Blog it will talk about whats going on with me. So I found out I am having Surgery on June 1st at 11am. They are gonna stick a Camera in My Belly Button to Look at my Female Organs to See if thats what I got and How bad it is. I am kinda nervous about it because I don't know what they are gonna find or how bad it is. I am just ready to get this over so I can Start getting my Life Back into Order. It will take 30 to 90 mins for the Procedure then I will be in the Recovery Room for 2-4 hours it only depends what they find and such. If they Wanna treat it there then I might be in the Hospital for a couple of Days. When I go home I will probably be on Bed Rest for a Couple of days maybe a Week it kinda depends how my body reacts to the Pain. I will have a small scar once the Surgery is over but it is said will go away when it can. Just wanted to do a little update on my Health so Ya'll know...

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