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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer Makeup Essentials

So I thought I would share with Ya'll What my Summer Makeup Essentials are. During when It starts to get very Hot you have to remember to use products with SPF because it will protect your skin. Me I always get sunburned everytime I'm at the beach or something it could be like 5 mins and I get burned I never really get a Tan and I am pale. Who else has that Problem? Well I now Started using more Products that has SPF in it and it really helps your skin more.

1 Tip: Instead of Using a lot of Makeup Products Use less. It will help your skin. Use A Tinted Moisturizer than a Foundation. Most all Tinted Moisturizer's has SPF. And It is Lighter than a Foundation is.
2 Tip: Bronzer and Blush will really help your skin stand out more in the summer time. Find a Blush that goes well with your skin tone and makes your skin glow. Bronzer will help even out your skin and Makes you look like you have a Tan. If you can find Bronzer and Blush that has SPF in it that would help.
3 Tip: Always Use A Lip Balm in the Summer. One that Has a lot of Moisturizer but doesn't look to oily. You have to make sure you keep your lips Moisturized because they can get really dry in the Summer.
4 Tip: When Choosing Lipstick pick a Product that Has SPF 15 and Can Stay more throughout the day. Make sure it can keep your Lips Moisturize. You don't want a Product that comes off easily and Dries out your lips.
5 Tip: For Eyeshadow It's always good to play around with over the summer. But I would Pick Eyeshadow that blends easily and Has a Good Staying Power. You Don't want a Eyeshadow that has a lot of Fallout.

 *Keep your skin protected because a lot more people over the summer develop Skin Cancer. You can also Share your tips with me if you have any that ya'll like and works. Also Do you get sunburn easily?

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