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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Top 5 Favorite Books

Hey So I thought today would be perfect to talk about the Books that I would totally read over and over again. Some Of these I know Ya'll would Love too and Most books I will talk about have Movies about them Now.

1. The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks-This is My Top Number one Favorite Book of all time. This Book and the Movie makes me cry every time. The Book is so Sweet and I love the Romance. It's just perfect that someone will try every day to make someone remember that they love you. At the End though makes me cry so much. It's just a Book that I could read over and over. It will never get old to me. I really Love all of Nicholas Sparks books he knows how to make someone cry and feel that love and Passion.

2.Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer-Of Course I had to put this book on my Tops. I love the Drama, Romance, Fantasy, and Passion that this book has. Also I just love reading books about Vampires. Once I read the books then The Movies I was Hooked! I can't wait for Breaking Dawn to come out to the Movies so I can see it. I also Love the story that it tells about the Vampires and the Wolfs.

3. Harry Potter Series by J.K Rowling-This is a Book that I grew up reading. I was always into books about fantasy and Magic. When I started to read this I fell in Love with the Story of How Harry Potter came to know who he really is and How to use his Magic to help his Friends and save the World. I didn't stop with the first book I had to read all and I did. When The Movies started to come out I was excited to see them. And Just recently when Harry Potter Last book came to movies I went on very first day to see Part one and I Loved it and it was sad in some parts. Now I am ready to see the last Part of Harry Potter.

4. The 10th Kingdom by Kat Wesley-This Book is all about Magic and The Fairytales of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow white all mixed in one. Its about a Family that enters another world and has to fight to help the 9 kingdoms and to Save their selfs from the Evil Queen. Again it's one I could read millions of times just because I love books about Magic. I just felt that this book actually took me into the World of Magic and Fairytales. There is a movie out about it and it is long I will warn you but I really Love it.

5. Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard-Yes I had to add this! I Love the Show I got hooked to it quickly that I had to start reading these books. I am currently on the Second book right now. I Love this because I love That is has Romance, Drama, Mysteries, and most of all Lies. It always keeps you guessing all the way to the end. I am always wondering what is gonna happen next. I just Love the Girls Characters and how the react to everything around them and with each other friendship. I can't wait till Season 2 comes back on ABC Family. The Show returns on June 14. I know once I am done with second book I will be wanting to finish all the Books. I just Feel bad for the girls and what they go through but it keeps me wanting to know what will happen to their lifes and if people will finally know the truth. I just Can't put this book done without wanting to know what will come once they know who A really is and what they will do to that person.

*I would Love to see Your Posts about your Top 5 Books and Also If you Love Pretty Little Liars! Let me know below what you think but no Spoilers Please :) More Post to Come on PLL.

CES <3

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