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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Life Update: Feb. and March 2014

Hey everyone! Today I am doing my life update for February and March.


* Got Stomach Virus and Cold
* Chloe got a Ear Infection, Stomach Virus and Cold
* Got 2nd Birth Control Shot
* Found a house in the country
* New Hair Color: Blonde highlights with Red
* Could work at YMCA Summer Camp (Not exactly sure working through details of it still)


* Worst experience at WIC. The service was horrible they lost my card then a lady there got rude with me and my mom.
* Chloe is 1 year old!!!!!
* Josh is back from Hawaii I think for good. Chloe been spending time with him lately. So far everything been okay no big arguments or anything just trying to co-parent as best as we can.
* Moved to the country on March 13, 2014
* Chloe first trip to the hospital. A standing mirror fell on Chloe head and she had cuts on her head. She is perfectly fine we took her to hospital and no major cuts just barely got her skin but still was scary.
* Limited Internet!!! Have to go to Church's Chicken to use their internet or make the long drive to my college library.
* I cut my hair to my shoulders. I personally like shorter hair than longer hair, it's easier for me to manage especially with a 1 year old who likes to pull my hair sometimes.

CES <3

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