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Saturday, April 12, 2014

College Update: Spring Semester coming to a End

Hey everyone!
This semester is coming to a end and I am so glad because I really need a break. I finished all my Lab hours, Elementary School hours and After School Program hours!! I don't have any more lab hours till next year. I am not taking any classes over the summer I might actually get a job starting in June just have to see how things go. In the Fall Semester I am only taking one class and it's a computer class.

Emergent Literacy:
In this class we mostly been doing book reviews where we look at different children book authors and we will read a certain amount of their book. I was behind on my reading but I am pretty much caught up now. We have only 2 tests left for this semester.

In this class we been looking at Safety, Nutrition and Health for Children. We just got done doing a 2 week menu for pre-school children. I have finished the Elementary School hours and the Lab hours for this class! I basically just have Lab Assignments to turn in and the final exam.

School Age:
I finally finished up all 16 hours of observation at a After School Program! Now I just need to focus on the group presentation and the final exam.

Children with Special Needs:
All we been doing lately is final presentations which I just got done presenting with a partner about Autism. So I just need to focus just on the last presentation since this class has no test or exams because the teacher doesn't believe in taking test to learn.....Which I agree but I hate presenting. I have social anxiety but I am getting better at it slowly.

So this is my college update for the Spring Semester. I won't do another update till probably the Fall Semester.

CES <3

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