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Monday, April 14, 2014

Health Update and 1 Year Postpartum Update: March and April 2014

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been able to get around to posting my 1 year postpartum update and health update till now.

I decided I am going to start keeping a few journals to help with my health including Pain Journal, Stress Management Journal, Relationships and Parenting Journal.

First I will talk about my health update which is my muscle spams in my neck and joint pain in my wrist. Ever since I had Chloe I been having problems with pains in my neck and my wrist. The Doctor says I have muscle spams in my neck and I might have Carpel Tunnel in my fingers and wrist. The muscle spams were worse when Chloe was around 8 months and they went away but now I think they are coming back. I usually put a heat pad or cool pack on my neck when I feel a muscle spams and I try not to move it so much. My wrist when it's in pain I wear my wrap that I bought at Walmart for it and that helps keep my wrist in place.

Last is my 1 year postpartum update which can you believe that Chloe is 1 year old??? My weight I check last time I believe was 93 pounds, my pre-pregnancy weight was 98 pounds so I lost a few pounds. I been on birth control shots and my periods have seem to be light and irregular. At the end of April will be my 3rd birth control shot.

Here is my 1 year Postpartum Belly:

I have tons of stretch marks!!!!

CES <3

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