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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Dollar Tree Planner Supplies Haul

Hey Everyone so today I am sharing with you all the planner supplies that I bought recently from the Dollar Tree.

Sticky notes and Note pads:

I picked up this sticker notes set.

I got this composition book to use for my blog notebook.

I found these activity pads that I plan to use in my planner.

Next I got this cute owl sticker notes pad.


I got these INC Clip Clicks pens. They are not bleed through!

Next I got these Jot Colored pens to try out. These are also not bleed through which is good to use in my planner.

I got these Promarx Gel pens and I love how they write. These are also not bleed through!!

I found some INC black pens.

Binder Clips:

I decided to pick up these heart binder clips to use on my planner.

I got these fashion binder clips and thought these would be cute to use in my new planner for next year.

I got these black and white fashion binder clips.

Washi Tape:

I picked up this black and white floral fabric tape to use in my planner.

So at the Dollar Tree by my Boyfriend house I was able to find these 3 washi tapes.


I found some Breast Cancer Awareness stickers that I plan to use in my planner next year.

I got these cute owl and fruit stickers.

I thought these home and family stickers were cute!

I got this cute sea theme stickers.

I got the treat stickers that also glow in the dark.

I got these rainbow, butterfly and Pegasus stickers.

I also got these cute arctic theme stickers.

I thought this set of stickers were really cute.

I have been loving the mermaid stickers lately so I decided to pick these up.

I picked up these laser flower stickers.

Next I got this birthday animal theme sticker set. I thought I would use this for March monthly calendar page since my family has a lot of birthdays in March or I might use these for the week of my daughter birthday which is also in March.

I got these black and white gem stones to use in my planner because I thought these would go with more of planner spreads.

I found these washi strips at the Dollar Tree.

Here is another washi strips stickers I found. I really love the theme of this. It comes with two sheets.

This is the second washi strips I found and this has more of a valentine's theme to it.

Here is another one I decided to pick up as well.

I found this set that I was needed for this collection! The only two I am not buying is the farm theme and the birthday theme.

Found another Breast Cancer Awareness sticker sheet.

I love this sunflower sticker sheet! Can't wait to use this in my planner!

This is a spring flower theme sticker sheet.

I picked up these treat puffy stickers. I plan to do a lot of treat theme planner spreads for next year!

I got these to use in my planner to color code.

Ink Stamps:

So I never used ink stamps before so I decided to give it a try to see if I would like it. The first one I got says Handmade with Love and I just thought that was really cute.

Next I got a stamp that has love on it and one that has a camera.

CES <3

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