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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Dollar Tree Haul: End of October 2016

Hey everyone! It's time for another Dollar tree Haul!!!

I found more of these washi strips.

I bought another sheet of these stickers because I plan to use these in March for my family birthdays.

I got these cute puffy turtle stickers.

I got these to use as color coding in my Planner.

I got these pink gem stickers.

These are my favorite! Cute puffy owl stickers!

I got these cute dog stickers for my planner buddy/penpal.

I got these zoo stickers for my planner buddy as well.

I also got her these paw print stickers that she can use in her planner.

Last for stickers I got her these blue gem stickers.

I got this Halloween card to put in the package for my planner buddy.

I also got her these sticky notes.

So I finally found new washi at the Dollar Tree. This is the first one I got.

Next I got this arrow print washi.

I love this washi it's very cute!

This is my favorite washi that I picked up from the Dollar Tree so far!

Next I got this butterfly washi.

Last I picked up this monster washi tape to send to my planner buddy.

Next I got the hair clips for Chloe hair to clip back her bangs.

I picked these up to send in my package for my planner buddy.

Next I picked up some candy for me and Chloe.

I found a Christmas scarf!

Last I got these Christmas socks for me and Chloe.

CES <3

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