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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Debt Update: July 2016

Hey everyone so today I am doing a debt update for the month of July. On Wordpress I started doing budget posts and decided to keep doing them on here as well. This blog post talks about the debt that I have which is Student loans and Medical Bills.

Student Loans:

So as you can see I have $45 in unpaid interest and my current payment is zero because I am on forbearance right now. My total current balance is $6,979.91.

Medical Bills:

I have a total of 14 medical bills right now. I am currently paying a surgical bill because last year I had surgery to remove my gallbladder. I still don't have health insurance. I should have it paid off next year in June. I pay $50 every two weeks. The total of all 14 medical bills is $20,414.01.

Total Debt Amount:

I have a total of $27,393.92 in Debt.

What's My Credit Score:

For some reason my credit score drop because I had it at 495 and now its 466/477.

This is my Debt Update for the month of July!

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