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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Young Moms YOUnite: Postpartum Depression (April 2013 Topic)

Hey everyone so as you may have seen from the title is that I am going to talk about Postpartum Depression and my experience. First Young Moms YOUnite is from YouTube, it was a group that was started so that young moms can come together and share their experiences and thoughts. They upload a new topic every month for us moms to discuss and share our views. This month the topic is all about Postpartum Depression.

Please check out these channels if you want to get started or if you want to follow the creators:

1. YoungMoms YOUnite
2. mommy062010
3. sarahwallflower
4. LindsandBaby

Disclaimer: I am 21 years old and I have a 1 month old daughter. These are just my views. Everyone has different views and opinions about this topic. This topic should be taken very seriously.

What is Postpartum Depression?

You can also call this a short name by (PPD). This is a clinical depression that affect mostly women but some men can get it too. This depression happens mostly after the child is born and can occur as early after the child is born or can come around a month or two after the baby is born.


* Sadness
* Low Self-Esteem
* Guilt
* Exhaustion
* Eating habits change
* Social Withdrawal
* Low or No Energy
* Not being able to take care of your Baby
* Mood Swings
* Decreased Sex Drive

Some women may not get all the symptoms, women experience this depression not the same as others. Remember that YOU are not alone.

My Recent Experience on PPD

I had my first child on March 10, 2013 and now my baby girl is a little over a month old. When she was first born I had a lot of mood changes like from being angry to being upset. I never took it out on my daughter and it wasn't really her fault why I had the depression. My symptoms that I have now are: Low Self-Esteem, Insomnia, Different Eating Habits, Low Energy and Mood Swings. I think why I have this is because I don't have my fiance here with me, he is in the marines stationed in Hawaii. He hasn't been able to come down and see his daughter and that really upsets me all the time. We can't move in yet because I am still in college and some days I really think about quitting college and just moving with him. But then I look at my daughter and realize that I want to set a good example for her. As for my low self-esteem I really had that ever since I was  in middle school but after pregnancy I am just not happy with my body. Before I was pregnant I weighed 98 pounds and now I weigh 112 I know that's not a big deal to some people but growing up I was bullied a lot because of the way I look and now I just have this mind thing where I can't be fat. I am in no way saying you should lose weight if you are fat this is just how I see my self. I am trying to be comfortable in my own skin. After having Chloe I have a really hard time eating where most days I only eat 1 or 2 meals, sometimes I feel like I can starve my self. I am learning that it will take me some time to be happy in my own skin and that I need to start eating more healthy. Lately my moods have been more where either I will cry for no reason or I get in a very bad mood. Again I do still take care of my daughter but remember that some women have a difficultly taking care of their baby after it's born. We can't or shouldn't judge them because we don't know what they been through. Every person is different and deals with depression different. I deal with my depression by either watching my favorite shows, typing in my blog or getting out on the weekends just for a couple of hours.

YOU are not alone

It is OKAY to seek help

It is IMPORTANT to take care of your self

DON'T let Depression control your life


* Medical evaluation to rule out other mental problems
* Medicine
* Support groups
* Healthy Diet
* Plenty of sleep
* Let people help you take care of the baby
* Treat your self

CES <3

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