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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Update: Life

Hey everyone today I am doing a update on my life and how I been adjusting to being a mom.

As ya'll may know by now I had my daughter almost 2 months ago via C-section on March 10. I named her Chloe Ann and she was 6 pounds 7 ounces. Her father couldn't come down for her birth because he was still in Hawaii and that really upset me, I just wanted him to bond with her. We do use video chat and talk on the phone when we can but there is a 4/5 hour time difference which makes things very hard for us sometimes to communicate.

I still live with my parents and I will probably do so till me and Josh get married and move in together which will probably be in 2014 because I am still waiting to finish College. Me and Josh are getting married at the end of this year in December. I currently right now don't have a job so I guess you can say right now I am a Stay At Home Mom. Josh does support us very much but I never really like asking for money because that's just who I am but he always calls it my money when he sends us money. I always use it mostly on baby supplies and groceries.

As for my college situation right now I am taking a semester off to bond with Chloe I will start back in August of this year. I have about 9 classes left in my associates degree and I plan on graduating at the end of 2014. My degree is still Child Development. I will do a update on College in July as soon as I know what classes I am taking.

So far I been doing good with adjusting to mother hood. At first it was hard because Chloe bonded more with my mom than me and she would cry all the time when I had her. It took about 2 weeks for Chloe to finally get a bond with me and now we are attach to each other. Chloe does co-sleep with me in the bed and that seems to work for the both of us and she loves it.

CES <3

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