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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Baby Haul #3

Hey everyone here is another baby haul that I would like to share with ya'll. This is not a bragging post in anyway, it's just to share what I buy for my daughter.

I bought Wee Disposable Changing Mats, I don't have a changing table so I put these down on my bed before I change Chloe. Next I bought 2 Hampers one for my clothes and one for Chloe clothes for when they are dirty. It's easier for me to keep them separate and organized. Another is Johnsons Bath Wash Soothing Vapor because Chloe has been really congested lately and this was recommended by a friend. Last I bought Boogie Wipes to clean my daughter nose with, it has saline in it too.

So This is what I bought at the drug store for my daughter. If you want reviews on any of these products just let me know.

Reviews I'm doing this Month:
* Arm & Hamper Diaper Pail
* Little Remedies Gas Drops

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