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Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer Trip to Hawaii Details #5

Hey Everyone! Can't believe it is now June, I am leaving for Hawaii this Sunday at 11:30am. I will be heading to Hawaii and staying there June 3rd-July 3rd.
I am going to Dallas, then Seattle then Hawaii, I will arrive in Honolulu Hawaii at 10:40pm.
I really don't wanna get back on a Plane but Hopefully the ride will go by fast!

Now for Blog Posting....
I am gonna try my Best to put up some Blog post while in Hawaii. I will not have a computer but I am going to try to post from my Phone.

I will be doing Outfit of the Days and My Day in Pictures as much as I can while im there.

I do have a Instagram if ya'll wanna follow me on there for Hawaii pictures. It's: ccshrum.

When I get back I will upload Pictures to here and do recaps on my fave shows.

I will also try to post videos on here if I can.

So just a Update for ya'll. I will do a post tomorrow and it will be a Outfit of the Day because my Brother is Graduating High School tomorrow.

CES <3

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