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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hawaii Update 6/28/2012

Hey!! Things have been a little crazy lately here. Last week me and my boyfriend got into a argument and it was horrible. I realize now that I just need to trust him and that everything will work out. It's not easy but I am willing to give this relationship my all. So this week I have been sick :( I think its a cold or bronchitis again. I just been feeling so horrible and this weather is not helping me either. Also me and my boyfriend got kicked out of the place we were staying at so now I'm spending the rest of my trip here in a Hotel. Everyday I been walking my self to Starbucks because they have free Wifi access. I been trying to do more outfit of the days for ya'll and I been posting those from my phone. So I just wanna say that everything is fine here. I will be leaving Hawaii either this Sunday or by July 5th at the latest. I been really enjoying my time here with Josh. I wish I could just live here but I have to go back home and finish College first. Look out for a Hawaii Haul and 3 book reviews!!! So far here I have finished: Hunger Games book 1, Pretty Little Liars book 5 and I am almost done with House of Night book 1. Love, CES <3

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