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Monday, March 7, 2011

My Health and My Feelings Toward Doctors

So I had my Doctor appointment today with the gynecologist and I was out so quickly Plus with the Diagnosis. It took her only 5 sec. to know what was wrong with me, the Other doctors at the hospitals and other clinic didn't know anything. I hate doctors! I just can't stand to be in a room being poked and ask many questions about my personal life and my sex life. I had so many test done that I was really about to give up and just deal with the pain until she finally told me what I had. Now if you have read my first post(A New Start) It told you about my stomach pain and how long it was going on. Which don't you think 5 months is ENOUGH time for them to figure out what was wrong. It just got on my Nerves so Bad!!
Anyways She told me I had two things wrong with me: Gastritis and Endometriosis.
Gastritis Just means That I have some what like "HeartBurn" In my stomach and my stomach is always inflamed. So Because of that I have to take meds and be on a "Diet" Which means NO SODA!!! Which is my Drug :(
Endometriosis is Well deals with the "Female Parts" and I am not sure if you would want all the details to that. But Just means it always makes my stomach hurt by what it does. So Now I am on Meds for that too. Hopefully this meds work if not then she said I will probably have to have surgery to remove whatever it is.

So now I have a Pain journal and everyday I have to write how I feel and how the pain is....

SO to conclude I hate Doctors!! It took one to find out what it was while the others I seen didn't know what they were talking about.

CES <3

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